About the FPE

The Frances Picks Engine started as an occasional series on the blog of the company I worked for for ten years, MediaUnbound. We specialized in recommendations technology in the music domain: hence the framing of the series as an evaluation of an innovative recommendation engine.

MediaUnbound was purchased by a bigger company in early 2010, and now my blog has been set free into the wild.  I'm still fascinated by recommendations technology, and it's still what I do professionally with the new company, so you'll still see that in here - but I've come to really believe in the power of the FPE to help me explore my own collection and help me figure out a bunch of stuff through the medium of records.  Also it's an opportunity to post lots of super cute photos of my beautiful little girl holding beautiful 12"s.  So, yay!

This blog is edited tri-weekly or more - so if there's nothing new, mark your calendar and check back.  Some joy will await!