Friday, August 9, 2013

Sucessos da Bossa Nova

Successes of the new beat. In Portuguese, they're "successes"; in English, they're "hits". Twelve little successes.

I'm doing something new with the pictures.

Gosh but those strings and flutes are chill. Smooth like a sail on a perfect day. Everyone's relaxing by the pool. I'd love to hear a real combo, but way back in that old world. That old new world with Pan Am jets and designer labels. This is the musical combo. Flutes and strings, a gentle guitar and gently syncopated drums. Brushes. Clicks. Harmony that glides and doesn't try. Not even a whiff of anything electronic anywhere. Breeze.

I thought it would be nice for a change to showcase Frances's style, instead of her physical appearance.

Breeze, truth, or environmental change. Mental change. Breeze; cheeze; breezy; cheezy. Dismissal or erasure on the basis of context. Is it nice? Is it trying to fuck with you?

Gosh the Portuguese sounds pretty. I don't understand it but I've picked a little up, what with all the awesome Brazilian music that's come around. It's like Spanish with an American accent in the vowels and a Polish accent or drunk slur on the consonants. One singer who does two songs on this record, Maysa, has an unreal buttery low voice with no husk at all. Conjunto Farroupilha's version of "O Pato" (most of the tracks on here are standards by Jobim, Lyra, Moraes) (Bossa Nova has a few giant composers and there was a whole industry in the Sixties built around groups and singers doing their songs) (kinda like the American songbook and Cole Porter etc.) has a great reed honk and windy flourishes in the intro. It's all real. Professionals making successes in the new beat.

The painting was composed while listening to the record. She asked me to do the orange CBS eye.

The black rectangle is the writing.

She wanted to call it "Frances's Best Records."

But is it nice? Where will it fall in the final estimation? Will it help you through a personal tragedy? Will it further or hamper social injustice? Will it clean up the harbor? Will it bring souls to Jesus? Will it climb the mountain? Why bother?

Gosh it's pretty. And mellow. Middle class values. Comforting. Fruity alcoholic concoctions.

Hey so here's a question. Is the middle class a good thing? Do we want to aim for its increase? Anyone who's living the foul life wants comfort. How much is greed? Is electricity exploitation? Well, yes it is.

But these combos are acoustic. Sustainable? Gosh it's nice.

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