Monday, June 24, 2013

Dog's World

Did you know? Mondo Cane, its sequel Mondo Cane #2, and the "mondo" genre they spawned were all about
white folks gawking at the titillating practices of brown folks normal Americans examining the fascinating customs of other cultures. Way to be, swinging Sixties! It sure is a dog's world.

Picture this - a disc jockey visiting the Big Apple from the sleepy, provincial City of Brotherly Love. I stopped into the office of Creed Taylor, of MGM-Verve, to meet him. The talk got right into music - of all things. Creed was trying to analyze the mysterious alchemy that had made Kai Winding's More such a pop smash. The message I delivered as a representative of the nation's D.J.'s and their audiences was simply, "Give us the most powerfully arranged waxings you can of that unfathomable element of music - pure melody."

The public demanded powerfully arranged waxings; this was the mysterious alchemy. This and pure melody. Nothing too taxing, please.

Kai Winding? Kai Swinging is more like it! He was a cheezy jazz trombonist, but here he gels the pop mostly with sweet, sweet Ondioline, which swings kinda like a Vox Continental or a Farfisa, but is more, um, piercing and subtly nightmarish? Like a carefree day at the amusement park, or bubblegum.

It doesn't get any more cartoonishly Bob-Newhart-straightening-his-tie than this, folks. This and a short rainbow horizontal striped dress and some high boots and the phrase "a-go-go" and a manhattan are all you need. I guess you also need a nice wooden bar in your basement and some shagg.

You think you need shagg, but you don't need shagg. No one needs shagg. Bugs'll eat it.


  1. ha! it's been awhile but i feel like there is at least one genuinely good song on this?...

    1. It's a good record all the way through. I like the title track, the one I linked to (which is called "Simian Theme") and a bunch of others too.