Friday, April 5, 2013


A man died. He died in a particularly painful and horrible way, feeling humiliated and abandoned. People laughed at him. Then he became alive again after a few days, emerging from a sealed cave, and was later seen cooking breakfast over an open fire. Such is what one must believe as a Christian, and your acceptance into any particular society may hinge on your take on it.

We had an almost entirely Christ-free Easter this year. An egg hunt with friends, delicious brunch for adults, enjoyable discussion about respective family Easter traditions. The idea of egg hunt as metaphor for tomb came up briefly.

I love records, and I want kids to love records too so they grow up into adults who love records. Hence I am making these dolls that are shaped like records. It's a solid marketing principle. Get the kids on board and they will one day drink blood.

DRINK BLOOD. Human blood. And EAT HUMAN FLESH. Not pretend blood and flesh. You have to believe that it's actual blood and flesh.

We got an Easter cake from Jewel at another Easter party, and the cake was shaped like a lamb. The lamb is Jesus and you eat the lamb. I ripped the lamb's head off and you can see some pics here.

Is this the head of the sheep without a head that I wrote about a few months ago?

No, it's the Lamb of God. It's just a nice symmetry.

So what of this Lou Miami record? It is shitty power pop with a tiny tinge of honky tonk. The vocals sound a little like Hisham Bharoocha. It was a chore to play it all the way through. Even the re-imagined "Mack the Knife" sucks. The title is intriguing, though: Rituals.