Thursday, March 7, 2013

Duelling Cannibals

In 1992, I became aware that there was a WHOLE NEW KIND OF MUSIC and I was like, I gotta find out about this. It was called techno. This name seemed very obvious, like, it's made by machines, technology. It was also called rave, because why not, and I was like, sure, rave. Makes perfect sense. So I got some CDs. One I don't have anymore was a double-CD comp called Techno-Rave, and then this one that I still have is called Zoo Rave 1: High-Cycle Compilation.

Everything about this CD is so hahahahhahahaahahhaaahahahhaaha. It's so great how it's like, washing-machine, bleach-themed. Cause artificial, right? Clean. I think probably none of the artists on here - Smashing Atoms, Bleu, Xenon, AAR, Voyager, Assembly Line, Beat Pulse Mecca, and the amazingly-named Pood, Bhud, 'n' Pflug - left obscurity at any point, though I'm maybe not the guy to ask, because while my fascination with the new genre is now old enough to drink, it never got strong enough to like, pay THAT much attention.

Stephen Thomas Erlewine said this about it. Can I just say this dude is brilliant, and part of what's brilliant is that he writes so articulately about all the high-profile stuff, but the real meat is that he had something to say about Zoo Rave 1, even if it was just that it's "a worthwhile introduction for listeners unfamiliar with the subgenre." I was unfamiliar with the subgenre, and this WAS my introduction! It was, in fact, worth my while. He is never wrong.

It wasn't worth much of my while till now, though. I have no memory of listening to this in college. Ok, yes, college is kinda hazy now, as with most of the 90s, but I tend to remember the music. I think it's probably cause it's mostly kinda forgettable. The first track, "Cannibal 44" by Smashing Atoms, goes hard with some harsh tones and samples of a guy talking about eating human flesh or something. It is good but it is no Ke$ha.

But anyway, THIS. I saw the title and I was hoping so hard it was gonna be a techno version of that song, and then it was, and the sky opened and bleach rainbows poured out and my brain was perfectly cleansed and genre divisions were erased and Fred Willard rang my doorbell and personally congratulated me for my good taste. Really!

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  1. Listening to this song reminds me of when I got to college in New York in 1994 and all my shoes were John Fluevogs and I did not know what to wear to a "techno" show and this was all very pressing.