Monday, February 25, 2013

The Bermuda Triangle

We will plunge beneath the surface. We will drown. Force. Half woman, half fish, taking care of the lost fighter pilots; full moon horny devil guy getting full. Little alien dudes doing the disco point. The heart of the ocean.

Isao Tomita is totally an underappreciated genius, man. The Bermuda Triangle is a cheeze-synth suite for sick queers. Every song title is killer: "The Dazzling Cylinder That Crashed in Tonguska, Siberia"; "The Visionary Flight to the 1448 Nebular Group of the Bootes"; "Venus in a Space Uniform Shining in Fluorescent Light".

And: "The Earth - A Hollow Vessel".

Oh yeah man it so is. Scratch the surface.

What if you wanted to tell a story, and you took the legend of the Bermuda Triangle, filled in the details about exactly which extraterrestrial beings were haunting it, threw in Venus, and then you told it with a roomful of state-of-the-art, 1970s electronic keyboard technology? You would rule, I say. But don't stop there, no sir, don't even. Now play a whole bunch of Prokofiev (cause why not?), add the Close Encounters of the Third Kind theme, bring some washes of total noise, do this for a whole album, and end with a seriously frazzed out vocoded echoing decay loop of a voice saying "You're so crazy you're so crazy you're so crazy..." into the mystic, man.

See, this type of shit is so real to me. This is why I can't listen to music that's like, earnest. Like Van Morrison. Dude's voice makes me want to just hide.


Each side of this record contains coded data in the form of certain sound effects. The message can be recovered if the electrical signal from the record is interfaced with the input of a micro computer programmed to the TARBEL System.

Earnest musicians, bow down before the one you serve. Tomita does not give A FUCK. Dude is rocking the TARBEL System.

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  1. A couple months ago, Derek's hard drive containing his 800 gig music archive suffered a "fatal mechanical failure" of some kind. Apparently we lost the entire Tomita discography. :'(