Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Superior Catholic Finger

Ye shall not need to fight in this battle. Set yourselves. Stand ye still, and see the salvation of the Lord with you. O Judah and Jerusalem, fear not. Don't be dismayed. Tomorrow, go out against them, for the lord will be with you.

Superior Catholic Finger is the second Helios Creed album.

It starts with the sample above, yelled by a fiery Southern-sounding preacher, then the mind-melting commences. Helios phase-fucks his guitar sounds to brain-poke you, octave-modulates or otherwise distorto-bombs his voice and buries it low, turns the bad vibes up to twelve and lets it loose. The typical M.O. is heavy metal-punk riff-based compositions with murk and murk and murk. Then there's the occasional guitar solo. You know that scene in T2 where the evil liquid-metal terminator sticks his stab-hand through the lady's head while she's drinking milk and the carton is impaled on it? And the milk is dripping down? That's what Helios Creed's guitar solos sound like. I mean, that's kind of like what Helios Creed's whole recorded output is like.

I had a dream where I was talking to Jesus on the cross. He invited me to come all the way.

I think pretty much everything Jesus says is dead on. I mean there's no way a reasonable person could disagree with it, you know? Why is there so much fucking hate? Don't judge. Try to help. Make your presence in this world a blessing to those who share it with you. Don't worry about other people being assholes, just focus on not being an asshole yourself. Stuff like that.

In the dream, I asked Jesus, "What about all the women stuff?" He didn't answer me. I suppose it's not His job to answer me. He said everything already, I need to find the answers myself. But it's troubling, this chauvinist religion created by men for men, that oppresses half the humans.

Christianity. Catholic. Doctrine. Teaching. Wisdom. I think there aren't answers and I think anyone who tries to tell you they know the answer, to any question really (say, "what time is it?"), is full of "it". And the more certain they are, the more of "it" they are certainly shoveling.

(That goes for you too, Science. And you too, Atheists. You don't know shit, not a single thing. Your hate and intolerance isn't any better than the Evangelicals'. People just love to point fingers at other people. Superior Finger.)

Jesus doesn't tell you to hate, or fight. Jesus does tell you to resist. Jesus does tell you the poor are worth more than the rich. Poor people. What do they do? What do they like? Are you poor? Are you the lowest of the low?

Catholic. "Catholic taste" means you like everything. "I believe in the holy catholic church" has a small "c", and the Protestants say it in the same Apostle's Creed that the Catholics use, and it means the all-encompassing church. Everyone. All. Superior everyone. All finger.

We've been hearing more about the Catholic cleavage these days. "Social justice" Catholics vs. "family values" Catholics. Or as I often think of them, "nice" Catholics and "mean" Catholics. That's just what I think though. I'm not "correct". My value is for myself and my family. Catholic Finger.

Catholic. Did you forget that the Irish and the Italians were low-class, oppressed immigrants? That White power in America was Protestant, because our Founding Fathers built their shining city on a hill in opposition to Catholic doctrine. America was all, "fuck the man!" and became the Man. Revolution never makes things better. Superior Catholic. Now it's 2012 and the White people in the Supreme Court are Catholic and the White people running for president or vice president are all either Catholic or Mormon. The Speaker of the House is Catholic. The "Minority Leader" is Mormon. Mormon! Revolution. Superior Catholic.

Helios isn't trying to answer any questions here, at least I don't think he is. He's pretty inscrutable. I like that about Helios and his music. That and the phase-fucking and the heavy-ass riffs. One day someone will ask a question. Helios has provided this answer:

On a trigger or around your throat
Holding a pencil or making a vote
Rubbing industrial fumes from his eyes
From the grave the resurrected fly
The superior Catholic finger

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