Friday, January 14, 2011

The FMDP: Música Popular do Nordeste 1

Happy Friday!

Frances and I had our dance party this week to the top-notch Música Popular do Nordeste 1, a 1972 Brazilian compilation on the Discos Marcus Pereira label that focuses on the frevo genre. This site has discographical information (in Portuguese) about the whole Música Popular do... series (today's record is the very first one listed there), and in keeping with my FMDP pledge to stick to the facts and let the music on the video do the talking, I'll just say here that, like today's record, the entire series is fantastic.

The brass band material in the video is Banda Municipal do Recife, and the last thing you hear is the mind-scramble that is "Trio Elétrico" by Trio Tapajós (more info about Sebastião Tapajós here and here). Enjoy!

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