Friday, January 7, 2011

The FMDP: Deerhoof Vs. Evil

It's a new year, and I'm launching a new feature on the FPE!

I got sick of only being able to write about records that Frances picked for me. I keep wanting to write about records that I pick out! So I thought, it's a free country, why not just pick some records and write about them?

I told my wife about the idea and she was like "Danger! Danger!"

Right. There's a million dudes on the internet writing about records they want to write about. No need to add another drop into that bucket.

So then I thought, well heck, Frances and I have dance parties, and it's wicked fun. And there's no way anyone ever thought to post videos of a cute kid dancing to pop music, right? It's a totally revolutionary concept!

... right ... ?

Ok, so it's a drop in a different bucket.

I present:


That is, the Friday Morning Dance Party. Every* Friday**, I'll post a video of Frances and me dancing to some awesome record that I've been jamming.

For the inaugural post, we're rocking a brand-new record that showed up on my doorstep the day after Christmas. It's by my favorite band Deerhoof and it's called Deerhoof Vs. Evil. And I've already said enough. Enjoy, and welcome to the FMDP!

*By "every Friday", I of course mean "Occasionally, on some Fridays, when it strikes my and Frances's fancy".

**Ok, I know she's talking about some "Thursday" in the video but that's just cause I recorded it on Thursday. Trust me, it's the *F* MDP.

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